Tailor-Made ‘Vent’

After an exhausting day at work while returning home, cringed, irritated and exasperated with the job, the pressure, the politics at work and the constant changes in the targets, I was trying to gasp some fresh air and vent out all the frustration. Finding peace, was on the top of my list that evening. What better […]

Shuddh Desi Ballad

About This Post: It is an attempt to focus on how fallacies grow and develop in life; which causes disagreement, conflict or bitterness in any relationship. There might be infinite reasons for the same. It could be as simple as taking your loved ones for granted or being too indifferent to empathize with them, failing […]

Zindagi Kuch Is Tarah….

(This is a nervous step for a new blogger like me to attempt something, which might be termed as “unconventional” or amateur write up. But trusting my heart, this is a small poetic write up in ‘Hinglish’ which I had penned down few months back…)    Dil ke rishte bhi ajeeb hote hai, Bheed mein […]