Blog Series #1 : Awkward Silence | Part 3 – ‘Timing’

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect than this, I said to myself. If take-offs made Priya jittery then turbulence made her go pale. Pushing her seat back, she closed her eyes.

‘Timing’ had always played the role of an antagonist in our story. Be it today or that evening…

After bottling up my emotions for over a year and half, I decided to take the plunge; even if it was at the cost of our friendship. I called Priya to our favorite cafe. She too seemed excited and wanted to talk to me. I had decided to go with all my heart and say it (thoroughly rehearsed and practiced) this time without thinking too much. Seeing her getting restless, I told her to speak first. “I am in love Avi and would be getting married soon!”, exclaimed Priya.

The world collapsed in front of my eyes. I went numb. “What about us Priya..?” I asked her in a chocked voice. “Sorry, I didn’t get you… what you mean Avi?” “I called you today coz I had to confess that I really love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you”, I said to her.

Displaying no emotions, Priya replied, “But I really love someone else Avi… please try to understand.” In a fit of irritation I asked her, “All these years, you never wanted to get tied down to a relationship; you hated any sort of restrictions; you loved your independence and freedom… I stood with you in your every decision and respected it. I was with you in all the highs and lows of your life. I waited all these years for you to realize my love for you; then why not me…?”

“I didn’t understand love, until I met Vikram. I was firm with my decision of not getting tied down to a relationship even when Vikram proposed me. But his persuasion, convinced me that he is the one and I finally gave in to his proposal”, explained Priya.

“So… I guess you have made your decision… So let’s get going”, I got up to leave. There was awkward silence between us. She followed me out of the cafe. Standing out of the cafe realizing, that this would be the last time I would be getting to see Priya… my Priya; I couldn’t hold back my tears.

I was desolated. She was my strength and my biggest weakness. I wanted to go back in the past and change the present. The inability to do so and to accept the reality killed me from within. Never did I feel the pain and anguish, I felt that day, of accepting the fact that this would be the end of our story.

“Avi, now it’s too late…”, Priya said, not looking into my eyes. Whenever unsure with her decisions, Priya always avoided looking into my eyes while replying. I wished her the best for her future and started walking with teary eyes. The usual path to home appeared alien to me and the distance never ending.

Reaching home I got a notification on my cell. It read ‘One message’ from Priya Negi. Opening it, it read, “Sorry for not understanding your love and for hurting you… We cannot change the past. You are the most important part of my life and you will always be. A best friend I would ever find… Take care.”

Reading that message I saw Priya empathizing for the very first time… when it had all ended.

“Ladies and Gentlemen we would be handing over the customs declaration form shortly. You may fill in the form and keep it ready with you for the immigration”, announced the air hostess.

While filling in the form I saw Priya entering her name as Priya Shashikant Negi instead of Priya Vikram Agarwal…

©Copyright 2016-2017. ameya pejawar. All rights reserved.


10 thoughts on “Blog Series #1 : Awkward Silence | Part 3 – ‘Timing’

  1. Is there a 4th part too…waiting eagerly.I liked that sentence…”wanted to go in the past and change my present.”We have all felt that way at some time or the other in life.Really admire your understanding of human nature.Your simple style of writing makes it easy to relate to your stories.Keep going son….well done!!


    1. Sketching Avinash’s character has really made some deep impact on me… 😄😉
      Heart says to go on with part 4 while the head says let the story end here..😜
      Let me know what u feel…
      Thanks for going through and for all the love


  2. Ameya, ‘Awkward Silence’ is unfolding with a sense of quiet melodrama. Your style and wording reflect a strong sensitivity towards man-woman relationship. I can see your ability to tell a story improve significantly with every new story you come up with. Definitely looking forward to part 4 !


    1. Sketching Avinash’s character has really made some deep impact on me… 😄😉
      Heart says to go on with part 4 while the head says let the story end here..😜
      Let me know what u feel…
      Thanks for going through and for all the love


  3. Surprise Surprise…I’ve always been writing to you on watsaap about all your blogs so far but today thought I’ll write to you in this comment box.

    I’ve never been a great reader.. Aaahaan that doesn’t mean I don’t read. Honestly you’ve made me a good reader now or should I say an eager reader, have read all your blogs so far and each one gets better and more and readable every time leaves an eagerness for more. Makes me wait for more blogs from you.

    The top blog so far for me was “AUGUST 3, 2015 posted THE WAIT… and then comes your series of Akward Silence wow this is very extraordinary.. what a beauty to silent and spoken emotions. Always wait for the next story to come. .

    Personally though would like small blogs more like my personal favourite The Wait…

    I always wish you all the very best with your creative, emotional, lovely, touchy, true stories and with your passion to write with all your heart… Keep writing…

    God bless you…Lots of love … ❤️🤗


    1. There are moments in life where one goes speechless and is in loss of words to express his feelings.
      This is truly one of those moments. M at loss of words to reply…
      Just wanna thank You from my heart for all the love.


  4. Dear Ameya,
    I read with immense pleasure your short stories. Each of them is a masterpiece! Each word is mosaic stone that next to the other ones gives in the end a wonderful picture. Thank you for speaking about human beings and their feelings with such wonderful precision and humanity. Congratulations!


    1. Thank You for your wonderful feedback.
      In this hi-tech and dynamic fast paced life where messages have taken over the human touch, FB/Whatsapp status have taken over human emotions and materialism has take over human feelings… sometimes u feel like pressing the pause button in Life. These stories act like a pause button. Feels peace at heart when readers like u appreciate and connect with my stories.
      Trust all well with you back in Paris.
      Thanks for all the love…


  5. Often in unspoken words, connections are made,
    Creating foundations that can never be raked.
    Foundations of a maternal love, affection, and truth!
    Connected a friendship that started from your youth!
    Understanding and wisdom, in which we both share,
    Bonding us stronger, with a strength beyond compare.
    texting talking and laughing, sharing our minds at heart!
    With thoughts mainly of care and concern
    This friendship between us shall never part
    the affection shall always remain
    The memories we share, through happiness and pain
    Can I ask for forgiveness Amey for just allowing myself to forget to wish you on your special day?
    Please tell my failing memory what atonement I pay

    you were on my thoughts on your birthday but my wishes did not reach you
    the timing went a little too far away

    wishing a very smooth sail of the life’s boat you are in Amey
    god bless you always


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