Struggle of a Superhero

Returning home from school, I threw my shoes and bag in a corner went and hugged mom. Concealing in her arms she always absorbed all my worries and sadness just like her saree soaked all my tears that day.

Though my month long struggle of walking back home from school to save the bus fare and skipping the small recess to hasten my savings was a success; But my independence; that is, freedom to posses my love, “The Batman Mask” was snatched away. The last piece decorated on the mannequin was sold before I could own it.

If not wearing a Batman Mask, all the questions pertaining for being downhearted were answered by putting on the mask of an actor. After all, how could a brave soldier showcase his emotions to his mother?

To pretend as if all was well, just like the routine, wrapping a towel around my neck assuming it to be a cape, the rest of the day was then spent in reading Batman comic book, bought from a scrap merchant.

The lacerated comic book would always remind me of my mom’s hands. Doing menial work she had mangled her hands. Turning each page of the comic book brought back all the instances of how mom overcame every hardship and ensured I got the best in her limited resources.

Hence with an intention not to burden her more with my demands, I undertook this little struggle. But seeing it fail was heartbreaking. I was quick to wipe my tears running down. Tired of feigning emotions, I kept the book aside and lay on floor facing down on the mat.

Soon I sensed mom’s hand ruffling my mane. Through my teary eyes, I saw her keeping a black and yellow colour box next to me. Rubbing my eyes to see clearly, it was the ‘Batman Mask’ which I had seen in the shop.

Gaping at mom instead at the Mask which I normally ended up doing, while coming back from school, I just couldn’t comprehend all what had just happened.

Mom foreknowing my undercover mission, for her, reading the question on my mind was like questioning the Superhuman Detective Skills to Batman himself. Handing over the Mask in my hand she said, “This is yours! I am proud of you. You are my Real Superhero. Your struggle wasn’t hidden from me. I also understand the emotions which made you undertake all the sacrifices. Now you are free to own it.”

Holding the little black shiny piece of beauty, which used to mesmerize me and hold me back from going home while returning from school seemed powerless to me that day. It appeared as if mom had possessed all the Superpowers in her.

©Copyright2015-2017. ameya pejawar. All rights reserved.


18 thoughts on “Struggle of a Superhero

    1. Wow…. This would truely be one of the best compliments I have received. Thank You for appreciating my work. I am sure with this kind of support from readers like you the dream of writing a book would soon turn into reality.
      Thank You!


    2. Ameya just now read ur Struggle of Superhero really the way u have expressed has touched my heart.Its a wright up of u desire for something then u sacrifice to be fanacially strong enough but in the race u r disappointed but then the Love from the dear ones surprises u when they fulfill ur WISH.LOVELY Keep writting.god bless u.


      1. Thank You Vidya pachi,
        Thats really very touching. Nothing is more satisfying than to know that the readers could emotionally connect with the narrative.
        Thanks for your kind words.


    1. Hi Kavita,

      Yes indeed. Mothers are always Superheros in every which way. The narrative was written with a deliberate attempt to let the readers decide whom they feel is the Real Superhero.
      Whether its the small boy who undergoes the agony of walking back home from school every day and skips his recess just to save enough money to ensure his mom doesn’t get burdened financially or its the mother who not only understands and reads her sons mind but also fulfils all his said/unsaid desires.
      Thanks once again for appreciating the work. Feels fantastic when readers enjoy and connect with the narrative.


    1. Thanks Akshay!

      Yes. Completely agree with you. A mother-child relationship is very special. She understands even the unsaid. The most unique power possessed by any Superhero!


    1. Thank You so much for your kind words 🙂
      Its very touching to see that you could connect with the emotions presented in the story and appreciate it.
      A big Thank You for such lovely comment.


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