The Wait…

Waking up to the alarm, I got up with a new zeal. With a hope in my heart and determination to win over the weak and ailing knee I stood up and stared at the sun. It was a new day a new beginning. Though the rays were strong and piercing my eyes, I was mocking them with my smile. The smile was in anticipation of the wait which was to end.

Today my felicity even foiled the broken water heater that used to daunt me always. The cold water from the shower seemed to have bowed down before me. Looking at the mirror the wrinkles, the gray hair, and faint vision seemed trivial.

Seeing me at the breakfast table, my cohabitants were amazed. They didn’t inquire about the reason for me being present. Probably, by now, my attendance at the breakfast table was synonymous with my tryst with today’s date.

Over these years I had lost the craving and the taste for the food. But to have food twice a day was just an excuse to keep up with the promise I had kept twenty years back. The purpose of living was only to witness the fulfillment of the promise and to witness the end of the wait.

Sitting on the bench near the entrance gate, I was looking with hope and optimism at the vehicles passing by. With every horn of the car, my heart started pounding and breathing was heavy and erratic.

It was over two hours that the bell had rung, signalling the commencement of dinner. But the only sound which I was eagerly waiting for was that of my son calling out to me, “Baba…!!”

The manager of the old age home came and sat next to me. Running his hand over my back and holding my hand, said in a low and empathizing voice, “Baba… Let’s go.” The tears in my eyes couldn’t hold any longer and it rolled down my rumpled face. Wiping them I said, “My son would have been busy today. Hence he forgot to come and take me. Will wait for the next year.”

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42 thoughts on “The Wait…

  1. Very touching!!! Love in the heart and hope in the eyes,is what keeps one going in life.Parents don’t need any material things from their children,what they need is Time and Lots of love n respect.Is that asking too much? I wonder.

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      1. Well written Ameya, something that touches the reality of relationship today which has become transactional by each passing dayp


  2. Hi Ameya, This is such a wonderful post. Like fresh air. My dad asked me to give it a read this morning, and I must thank him for it. Keep up the writing! Although I am not able to follow your blog, I’ll do keep reading.
    Radhika Dinesh Tonsey


  3. Beautifully written Ameya. Touches the heart and brings a lump in the throat.
    I see a very sensitive and an emotional person behind the pen.
    Bless you and looking forward to more such blogs.


  4. Beautifully portrayed Ameya. One could visualise the scene and feel the pain too.
    The story was certainly about the yearning of every parent. But I felt it was also in equal measure about the infinite love, understanding and forgiving nature of every parent no matter what.


    1. Thank You so much 🙂
      It’s very fulfilling to hear when the reader can connect and feel the exact emotional pull as it was intended while penning it down.
      True, your view is absolutely right. But many times it’s that very forgiving nature that children take for granted for their personal materialistic gains and end up causing incurable pain.


  5. Ameya
    Very well written. Very touching. Keep writing.
    Parents always find excuses for the wrongs done by their children, even if they are ignored.
    I only pray nobody has such a future and everybody takes good care of their parents in their twilight years.


    1. Thank You Sir.

      Parents are like wish fulfilling trees which are ever giving it’s shade and fruits to it’s seeker.
      But what children forget is that even such trees need adequet care and nourishment in form of love and affection. They ain’t meant to be severed once our need has been fulfilled.
      I too wish that nobody else have to undergo this pain.


  6. Beautiful and moving. Wish nobody has to go through this kind of disappointment. Just to let you know, several associations in Bahrain have volunteers who visit hospitals and old age homes to chat with lonely people. It is a very rewarding experience even when language is a barrier.


    1. Thank You Manijeh!

      I completely agree with you. Hope after reading this post, even if one parent is brought back to his home that would be my real accomplishment. The purpose would be achieved.

      Kudos to those associations who have taken up such a noble cause. Those volunteers are the real heros. God bless them.

      Language would never be a barrier when we emot true love and care. Genuine love and affection is all, what we all seek. But unfortunately, sometimes it’s too late when we actually realize it.


  7. Beautifullying expressed. ..mysterious feel…made me read it all over again. ..heart wrenching emotions gently put to bring out the non judgemental love of the father….truly emotional.


      1. Ameya

        Your words are so powerful. What ever you have written is hard truth. All children will have to love their parents who have dedicated their whole life to their growth. They sacrifice their likes and dislikes for the sake of their growth of their children. A salute to all the parents.

        Congrats once again


      2. Thank You Sir!

        So true. Parents are teachers, guides, leaders, warriors and providers for their children.
        The least we can do for them is to give unconditional love and support. For we will only know their value when we would see their empty chair


    1. Thanks RK!

      That’s how every loving parent is. They hold our hands when we are growing up. But sadly few of us forget that they too need our hand when they are old.


  8. Very heart touching with full of today’s world reality blog. I pray no one should see such situation in their old age.


  9. Dear Ameya, Just got to read “The Wait”- Very touching indeed! So well written ! This is today’s harsh reality having no time for ones own loved ones! God Bless! Keep writing! All the Best.


  10. Very touching! Connects immediately with reader’s thought process. The emotional connect between father and son has been brought out very delicately. Loved it!

    Thanks for sharing.


  11. Lovely passage Ameya. Touching. Very nicely expressed. The hope. The energy from that hope. The disappoinent. Again the hope. That is what gives life to our lives. I believe in karma and would not like to generalise the child-parent-child eternal cycle… All the same I am sure it has touched a chord in many a parents and children. Even if one of those persons act on that feeling, this passage is worth its weight in gold. Keep writing. Keep expressing.


    1. Well said Sir. Agree with you. Karma is indeed the ultimate neutralizer. And yes, just like one size doesn’t fit all; I agree all parent-child relationships ain’t healthy and strong. Some can be fixed easily and some may take time. Reasons too might be genuine and many to introspect.
      Age is a seasoned trickster. To our parents, we will always be children. Within ourselves, the same yearnings of youth; the same aspirations of adolescence, will last a lifetime. Only to the young – blinded by our grey hair and slowing gait – do we appear old and increasingly beyond the pale.

      Thank You for such a wonderful point out. Really appreciate your comment.


  12. Fabulous piece of intense writing, Ameya… i need to thank your father for introducing me to your writing👍👍👍👍👍absolutely stunning… so hopelessly hopeful!!!! Kudos pal… Lots of power to you! Affectionately, a mole i/14 Bimanagar


    1. Namaskaar Kaka…

      THANK YOU so much for taking out time and going through my blog. It means a lot coming from a creative genius like you. Your kind words of appreciation has really made my day. (INFACT my life…!!). 
      It not only gave me motivation and encouragement to continue whatever little amateur writing I have started but a new energy to carry forward the hard work.

      Thank You once again. (N I can never forget I/14 amole kaka… The memory is still very vivid and fresh…)



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